About Us

Expanding business overseas is not an option: it's a necessity. But, the door to success abroad is often locked behind the wall of "foreign culture."

Mastering intercultural situations means objectively grasping each other's differences.

The first step is to get beyond the common misperceptions. Focus can then shift to deeper differences in culture, tradition, and "common sense."

AmAsia helps people open more doors to success.

AmAsia combines hands-on practical experience with academic theory from a variety of fields: interpersonal and intercultural communication, socio- and psycholinguistics, communication disorders, discourse analysis, human relations, marketing, and management.

AmAsia partners with organizations, combining our expertise with your expertise. We facilitate communication that transcends cultural and language differences.

Keeping both the big and small picture in mind, we help you open doors to success in complex interactions of culture, language, and interpersonal relationships.

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